Woman Who Welcomed Stray Dog Into Her Home Sees His Face On A Poster


A stray but friendly dog named Marcel wandered the streets. A woman named Penny had seen him many times. The pup frequented bus stops and followed people around, with his expressive eyes begging for food. He was like a lost soul in search of a home. Marcel was very approachable. He wagged his tail happily at every stranger he met.


Marcel, with his sweet demeanor and needy heart, tugged at Penny’s heartstrings each time she saw him. One day, Penny saw the dog waiting at the bus stop. Penny fatefully knew it was time to bring Marcel home with her. Penny approached Marcel, and he wagged his tail as if he had been waiting for her.

As Penny looked at Marcel, he tilted his head, and as if he understood it was time for him to follow her as she walked away from the bus stop. Marcel turned out to be a Collie, with fur ‘as soft as a cloud.’ The vet said he was only nine months old. Once in Penny’s apartment, Marcel fit in perfectly. His company lifted Penny’s spirits as if he had been there all along.


One day, Marcel and Penny were playing in the park. A woman came up to them and asked Penny if the dog was hers. She said yes and that she found him wandering the streets. The woman explained that she had seen Marcel’s photo before. Penny was confused and asked where she had seen him. The woman further explained that Marcel’s face was on a missing dog poster. Marcel had a family and had gone missing while they were on vacation. His original family searched everywhere for him! They desperately wanted him home.


Penny’s heart sank. Marcel wasn’t a stray at all. She felt guilty that she had, unknowingly, taken a dog who actually belonged to someone else. The woman gave her the family’s contact information. Penny dreaded making the call but knew it was the right thing to do.

Soon, Marcel was reunited with his family, and Penny had to say goodbye. While it broke her heart to be apart from Marcel, she loved him and only wanted what was best for him. His family was overjoyed to have their beloved pet back and thanked Penny repeatedly.

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