A Season of Natural Wonders — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

Autumn whispers secrets as the trees share their seeds. Plump acorns, pinon nuts, and pecans tumble to the ground, forming nature’s bounty at your feet. A quiet moment of contemplation reveals the orchestration of life within the refuge’s boundaries. Some seeds take flight with the wind’s gentle guidance, a dance of whirly maple seeds in the autumn breeze. National wildlife refuges are a stage where these seeds take their first steps into the next generation of forest giants.

Fungi’s Enigmatic Beauty

Damp earth awakens the enchanting world of fungi, unveiling a spectrum of colors and curious forms. Refuges, where life thrives in many forms, host a grand spectacle of mushrooms. From the indigo milk cap to the whimsically named witches’ butter, these fungal wonders ignite the imagination. A word of caution: While these fungi captivate the senses, many are enigmatic and some even deadly. It’s a reminder that nature’s beauty often hides mysteries beneath its surface.

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