After Ages Roaming On His Own, This ‘Hippo’ Slobbers Mom With Stinky Kisses

Bluto, a charming Pit Bull, is the epitome of a love bug. He has captured the hearts of many with his unwavering loyalty and love for his owner, Sarah. Despite spending years alone as a stray, Bluto’s affectionate nature and constant need for companionship have made him a beloved member of Sarah’s family.


Bluto’s journey began when he was found as a stray and taken to a rescue organization. There, his adorable smile quickly won over the hearts of everyone he met. But it wasn’t until Sarah saw Bluto’s photo online that his life truly changed for the better.

While scrolling through her Instagram feed, Sarah came across Bluto’s picture and instantly fell in love with his face, smile, and jowls. She knew immediately that he belonged in her family. So, Sarah and her sister packed up their two other dogs, Ellie and Tank, and made a trip to bring Bluto home.


Since joining Sarah’s family, Bluto has become inseparable from his new mom. In fact, he is so attached to Sarah that he will follow her wherever she goes and sit as close to her as possible. Bluto’s lack of independence may be a bit much for some, but for Sarah, it is a constant reminder of the love and loyalty that dogs can bring into our lives.

Of course, Bluto’s attachment to Sarah comes with its fair share of quirks. He will sit so close to her face that she can feel his breath – which, as any dog owner knows, is not always the most pleasant experience. He also has a habit of licking Sarah, leaving her feeling as if she is always just one step away from needing a bath.


Sarah wouldn’t trade Bluto’s companionship for anything despite these minor “inconveniences.” Even when he insists on sitting on the couch – a place he knows he’s not allowed – Sarah can’t help but appreciate the love he shows her. Sarah’s father even jokingly remarks that Bluto should be glad he’s so adorable since he’s not the brightest dog around.

Bluto’s story serves as a heartwarming reminder of the incredible bond that can form between humans and their pets. His devotion, despite his difficult past, has brought joy and companionship to Sarah and her family. And while he may not be the most independent or intelligent dog, Bluto’s unwavering love for Sarah is a testament to the power we can have when we give an animal a second chance.

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