Are Coati Dangerous? Do They Attack Humans?


As a wild creature, coati is dangerous and can also attack humans but in captive, they show affectious behavior that might be due to their dependence on humans for food. As omnivores, they eat different food types, including leaves, small animals, and birds and are opportunistic eaters.

Against this quick answer to the question, there are further facets to explore, such as how coati can harm humans or in how many ways they are dangerous to us.

Let’s explore more about this fascinating member of Raccon’s family.

Wild Nature: Aggression

In the case of wild habitats, coati shows massive aggression. This is because they are small creatures with just a 12-inch taller body and are easy prey for most predators.

How Coatis Can Be Dangerous For Humans?

To ensure their survival, they had to remain active and ready for any possible threat. This makes their nature aggressive, and in moments, they can change themselves into agile beasts from small, shy creatures.

Carnivorous Adaptations: Coatis Teeth And Razor Sharp Claws

Coati Teeth:

This is the thing that can lead you to severe conditions in case of coati’s aggressive behavior. Coati has canine teeth that are enough to give a fatal bite to a delicate creature like humans. With the help of canines, coati can bite you, which is not a normal case in any way.

Coati Claws:

Coati’s claws are too strong, and just one shot by this small, aggressive creature can leave you with a fatal injury case. Further, they might have germs of any dangerous disease that can make the condition severe.

So, it is always recommended not to feed them and maintain a suitable distance in case of any encounter.

Disease Carrying:

Their bite-and-claw attack gets more fatal when they carry a disease, just like rabies. If you ever seen a person suffering from rabies, you will never wish to get any such attack.

Further, their saliva can be very lethal and can contain different diseases. Even, some people are very sensitive to it, and they can get an allergy just after getting into the condition.


Their curiosity is also a reason that can push them to attack a human. According to Jeff Currin (Former USAF Gulf War Veteran), he encountered a coati that first chased the individual (the Turtle-man) and attacked him.

Before, he considered them cuddly and cute animals, but after that day, he changed his viewpoint.

Overall Factors

All these above are the main factors that made them dangerous creatures for us. The stress of protecting themselves and the food shortage are also factors behind their aggressive behavior. Deforestation is a new stress for them because we are cutting trees (vanishing their habitat) on a massive level.

Shortage of food and shelter encourages them to try to get into our homes. They find food in the trash, and sometimes, they can use any point as a sheltered place.

All such factors made them insecure, and as humans, we well know how dangerous a creature is in insecure mode.

Are Coati Dangerous As A Pet?

The pet coatis are uncommonly shy, cuddly, and cute creatures. This is truly amazing, isn’t it? Many coati owners said that their coati individual is not dangerous and behaves like a good pet, but how with wild instincts?

Environment has the power to change the nature of any living being (with emotions), but what if they get into an environment that pushes them to turn into survival mode?

Are Coati Dangerous As A Pet?

In case of feel any insecurity from you, these creatures can attack for their protection. In such conditions, there is nothing more important than their lives.

So, due to a good environment, the pet coatis can behave like cute animals, but whenever they go for their survival, they can attack and cause a fatal disease or wound.

Are Coati Aggressive By Nature?

Nature provides different adaptations to every creature that ensures their survival. Just like it, coati owns carnivorous adaptations, and aggression is also an adaptation of these creatures.

As a pet, their tone of aggression can go at very low frequency, but still, they will own it at their last breath. If you are one of a coati owner, you may feel they want to show aggression sometimes but they control it.

Note: If am not right, you can tell me about your viewpoints in comments or feel free to contact.

Are They Dangerous To Small Domestic Animals Like Cats?

As a domestic animal (pet), coati are not too dangerous for cats. It is because the owner takes care of all their requirements.

So, they never face such a situation to eat on their own. This makes them less dangerous for domestic cats or other animals, but what in the wild?

Here, they are independent and depend on themselves to do anything. So, they can attack anything that can prove easy prey for them.

Small cats have fewer adaptations against these creatures. So, they are far more dangerous for small animals in the wild.

What To Do When Encounter A Wild Coati? Tips To Survive A Coati Lethal Bite

After knowing how aggressive a wild coat can be, you must be eager to know what to do when facing such an encounter.

It will try to avoid you because humans are far taller than these small beasts. So, they will avoid to attack you. So, keep calm and focus on the below guidelines if you caught up in such unpredictable scenario.

No Noise

In any case, you have to avoid making noise. At first, they will not consider you any threat. So, maintain your nurves and don’t be aggressive.

Give Them Space

As wild creatures are very concerned with their survival, and try to put them in a corner can encourage them for a severe attack.

So this maintains your consciousness and gives them enough space to leave the area. Despite this, you can get a severe wound or disease.

Focus On Their Behave

Keep an eye on their behavior, and if they are quiet, they are not ready for any attack. So, keep a distance and take shots after giving them a respectful place.

Note: If you have a pet with you, never give coati a chance to snatch it from you.

Further, the attacks of coatis on humans are very rare, but sharing a habitat with them can lead you before them.

Fun Facts About Coati

  1. The group of a coati is called a band that includes females and children.
  2. Male coatis live alone and join females in mating season.
  3. They can turn their ankles at 180 degrees; look at their flexibility.
  4. Their tails can get longer as compared to their body width.
  5. They mate and give birth to their child on trees.
  6. They sleep with their noses tucked into their belly.
  7. Their child is known as “kitten”. They open their eyes after 11 days of birth, but the fact is that they can stand on their foot in 19 days and can climb trees after 26 days of birth.
  8. Coati can stand just like humans, bipedally.






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