Are Coatis Endangered? Yes, but Not Completely


The quick answer of the question about the coati population is not possible. I can’t say; they are endangered or not endangered but below, everything is clear about the topic.

I covered the topic on specie base to ease you to find and remember the answer to your query.

White-nosed Coati (Nasua Narica)

This specie of coati is very famous that’s why we are exploring it, first.

According to IUCN reports, white-nosed coati is considered a least endangered specie and not at threatening level of animal extinction.

South American Coati (Nasua Nasua)

This coati specie is also a least endangered in Different American states but has not fully vanished from Earth. Such as, they are considered endangered in Brazil but there is also a sighting occurs of a South American Coati.

The fact is that this happens in an urban area near the Brazilian Air Force Airbase at Canoas. This also reveals the importance of little green areas that they can protect animals even the endangered species.

Eastern Mountain Coati (Nasuella Meridensis)

Eastern mountain coatis are under great threat and considered endangered specie of coati.

Western Mountain Coati (Nasuella Olivacea)

Against their opposite direction residential, these coatis are not fully endangered but they are added in the list of very threatened specie of coatis.

Note: Before 2009, both eastern and western coati’s were known as mountain coatis but later they distinguished in these both species. Both live in the same Andes Mountain range and face almost the same conservation issues.

Cozumel Coati (Island Coati)

Famous as island coati, this coati is also listed among threatening animals on the IUCN red list. This is also stated that this is data deficient species, and due to less information, we are unable to claim their numbers.

This was first considered a different coati specie but later, it is known as sub specie of white-nosed coati.

How Many Coatis Are There In The World?

Coatis are the kind of animals that are less researched and also in the list of data-deficient animals. This means there is no much data present about coati.

So, at the time, I am unable to tell you the right numbers of the existence of these animals.

Reasons That Leading Coatis To Such Threatening Numbers

There are a lot of reasons that leading us to lost this fascinating creation of nature.


The main reason is losing their habitat. Just imagine you are living without having a shelter. Can you ensure your survival? Nope.

Coati Lives On Trees

The same case is with coatis. The both species of mountains coatis totally depend on dense mountain forests but just look at; one specie (eastern coati) is endangered while the western coati is in very threatening animals list. While other species still have some habitats that helping them to conserve their numbers that why they are still least endangered.

So, coatis losing their habitat which leading them to lost their existence.


At many locations, local people hunt them for food purposes. They are easy prey for humans and have no adaptation to survive against us.

Depress Coati

Further, many people also kill them because they don’t like coatimundis. Sometimes, coatis get into the towns and grab their pets, such as chickens or cats. How can they like them in such a scenario?

Live Pet Trade

Demand of coatis in the live pet trade is also a red flag for them. Hunters catch them and put into the cage and later they are in the market to sell.

Live Coati Pet Trade

Roads In Their Habitats | Vehicles Strikes

They wander all around when forage. While crossing the roads, vehicles crush these little creatures that is also playing its role to vanishing coatis.

Look at the image below where 2 coati’s dead bodies are present on the roads.

Vehicles Strikes On Coatis

Are There Coati In The US?

Yes, coati are present in the US but not in a high number. It is present in some areas of New Mexico and Southeastern Arizona.

In the case of Mexico, the white-nosed coati is present and its status is an endangered animal.

Are Coatis Protected?

Yes, coatis are rare animal species, which is why they are protected animals in different regional ranges, such as white-nosed coati high threats that’s why this is highly protected in the specific region. Eastern and western mountain coati is far more rare than white-nosed coati and they are also in the list of protected animals.

Further, South-American coati is not as much endangered that they need to be protected while island coati also at threatening lower numbers.

Why Coatis Are Important?

Coatis plays an important role in domestic areas. They do not allow insects and other small invertebrates to multiply their numbers. Further, they also eat carcasses and remaining food, which makes them scavengers.

Why Coatis Are Important?

In the wild, they hunt many smaller animals and also provide food for many coati predators. This way, it also plays a role in maintaining the food chain.

What You Can Do To Protect Coatis?

Follow these steps if you are going to be part of our movement to conserve coatis.

People are less aware of this creature and they don’t know, how less they are on the Earth? Tell them by sharing our posts or other sources you have. Also, ask them to drive with care if they also live in the habitat where coati live.

Never buy a pet coati from the market. It is because they are wild, and you can never tame such coati.

In fact, you can buy a baby coati and tame it with love. Further, buy a couple, if possible, and raise them. This is the best step for our movement but never release a pet in the wild because the predator will grab it on the very first day.

If you are a resident of the Andes mountain range, make a movement to plant trees and encourage reforestation. This is a realistic possibility to conserve coatis. One thing more, also flame the movement to not use products made with wood or try to make such purchases as less as you can do.

By following one of these terms, you can be a high-value individual in this movement.


Since 3rd December (coati day), I have been searching for this fascinating animal. I discovered that this is the animals that still required a lot of research.

When it comes to its conservation status of coati, it is threatening as well as endangered creatures in some regions. All is explained above, but I am still unsatisfied with my effort. I will be glad if anyone take part in this post by providing any missing details.



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