Are Crocodiles Lizards? No, but Why?


Crocodiles occupy the top place in the animals’ food chain and are considered competitors of the king of the forest (lions). They are very dangerous and scary-looking predators that have lived on Earth for over 200 million years. The scientific name of the crocodiles is Crocodylidae, and they are part of the Crocodilian order. The crocodilian order is an order of semi-aquatic reptiles. 

According to some resources, crocodiles are close relatives of birds because both species have the same ancestor, the archosaur.

In history, many people’s ideologies said that crocodiles are lizards. But is this the right answer? Let’s find out, “Are crocodiles lizards?”

The straightforward answer is No; crocodiles and lizards are different. Although both these species have many common things, such as the same body shape and the same reptile class, they do not belong to the same group of animals.

Crocodiles belong to the Crocodilian order. On the other hand, lizards belong to the Squamata order. So, stop calling crocodiles the biggest lizards on earth. 

Why Crocodiles Are Not Lizards?

First, crocodiles and lizards are not the same species. Because these two species belong to different animal orders, crocodiles are also more relatives to birds than lizards. 

lizards, not crocodiles

As you know, they have different animal orders. Now, we will discuss other facts proving these species are different.

  • Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous predators, and they have large, scary heads, but lizards are small animals and have smaller heads than crocodiles. 
  • Crocodiles enjoy spending most of their time in the water. On the other hand, lizards mostly live on the ground, in trees, and in rocks.
  • Crocodiles always take care of their children and also make nests. But, few species of lizards do care for their young ones. 
  • Lizards do not have gizzards, but crocodile reptiles possess gizzards. 
  • Crocodiles have a four-chambered heart in their bodies. But the lizard has a three-chambered heart. 
  • Crocodiles have socket teeth, and lizards do not have them. 
  • If the lizard’s tail pulls apart from its body, lizards can regrow them. But crocodiles cannot do it. 
  • Crocodiles have external ears, but lizards have internal ears instead of external ones.
  • Crocodiles smell through their nostrils, but lizards use their tongue to smell things. 
  • Some species of lizards use their venom for hunting their prey. But crocodiles do not have venom. 
  • In crocodiles, there is a skull opening exit in the front of the eye socket. It’s also called Mandibular Fenestrae. Only crocodiles have this thing. 

Is A Lizard More Dangerous Than A Crocodile?

Most of the lizard species are not as dangerous as crocodiles. But, some species of lizards, such as Komodo dragons, can be very dangerous for humans and other animals. 

Komodo is the most dangerous species among all lizards and also the biggest living lizard species. However, crocodiles are far more dangerous than lizards.

Dangerous lizards than crocodiles

Komodo specie lives on Komodo Island in Indonesia. This species is very dangerous and big. Their size can be 10 ft. But, the crocodile’s length can grow up to 20 ft. 

Adult Komodo dragons’ main diet comes from juveniles. Sometimes, they can also eat their kind. Komodo dragons are very fast, which makes them very dangerous for humans. Some reports are also registered about the Komodo dragon’s attacks on humans. 

However, lizards are natural predators, and their main diet comes from carrion and rotting flesh.

What are lizards?

Lizards are on top of the list of most widespread animals. They come in the group of squamate reptiles. Over 7,000 species of lizard species live worldwide. Lacertilia is the scientific name of a lizard. However, the lizard’s shape resembles a snake, and the lizard’s eyelids differ from snakes. 


There are many species of lizards exist, but some of them are many popular and recognizable, which include:

  • Geckos.
  • Gia monsters.
  • Iguanas.
  • Chameleons.
  • Monitors.
  • Komodo dragons

Almost all species of lizards have four legs. So, they are also called quadrupedal. Some other species have no legs, and some physically look like snakes. They are diurnal animals, which means they are active in the daylight. Some species of lizards also have wings, which they use to jump from one tree branch to another. But they cannot fly. 

The Komodo dragons and monitors are the biggest lizards. The length of the Komodo dragons can be 10ft. Other species’ lengths are very significant. But in reptiles, crocodiles are the most dangerous ones. 

Lizards are adaptable animals, and they can live all around the world. Most species of lizards are carnivores, so they like to eat meat. Their hunting strategy is very simple; they sit and wait for the opportunity to hunt their prey. In simple words, they surprisingly attack their prey. Some species of lizards also like to eat plants. 

The main diets of lizards come from spiders, ants, cicadas, and termites. If they get a chance, they also hunt mammals. 

Most species lay eggs, but almost 10% of lizard species also give birth. Some species have ornaments, which are also called frills. They use it to attract the female to mate and to scare the predators. 

What are crocodiles?

Crocodiles are the world’s most dangerous predatory reptiles. Crocodylidae is the scientific name of crocodiles. They belong to the order Crocodilia. Crocodilia has three main types: Crocodylidae, Alligatoridae, and Gavialidae. 

Cold blooded crocodile

These large, dangerous semi-aquatic creatures live in Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. A total of 14 different crocodile species live worldwide, each with different sizes. Here is the list: 

  1. American Crocodile.
  2. Orinoco Crocodile.
  3. Slender-Snouted Crocodile.
  4. Freshwater Crocodile.
  5. Philippine Crocodile.
  6. Morelet’s Crocodile.
  7. Nile Crocodile.
  8. New Guinea Crocodile.
  9. Mugger Crocodile.
  10. Saltwater Crocodile.
  11. Cuban Crocodile.
  12. Siamese Crocodile.
  13. West African Crocodile.
  14. Dwarf Crocodile.

The current largest crocodile all around the world is the saltwater crocodile. This crocodile is about 15 ft, and it weighs 1000 lbs. The lifespan of this crocodile is 60 to 70 years. Most crocodile species enjoy most of their time in the water, such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, and saltwater. 

All species of crocodiles are carnivores, so their main diet comes from different animals. A crocodile’s diet depends on its age. The adult ones need more meat instead of their cubs. Their main source of diet comes from birds, fish, other reptiles, and mammals. 

In all species of reptiles, crocodiles are the ones that are the solitary species. They do not like to live in a group, but they live peacefully when they share the same environment. Crocodiles are also famous as talkative creatures. They can send messages in 20 different vocalizations. 

Crocodiles are far more dangerous than lizards. So, if you see a crocodile, then don’t disturb them and always keep a distance from them. 

What are Reptiles?

Reptiles are the animals that come in the class Reptilia. Reptile animals have four legs. We can also call them tetrapod vertebrates. According to 2022 research, there are 11,700 species of reptiles living all over the world. 

Some popular reptiles:

  • Lizards.
  • Snakes.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Turtles. 

You can recognize these animals by their dry and scaly skins. Their scaly skin also raises the question, “Do crocodiles feel pain.” 

Recently, the classification system has changed, and birds are not considered reptiles. But, since crocodiles are the relatives of birds, the modern classification considers birds also in the reptiles class. 

Most reptiles are cold-blooded, which means they lay eggs instead of birth. But, some species of reptiles also gave birth, such as the boa constrictor, which is a species of snake. 


Lizards and crocodiles are both reptiles, but they are not the same. However, these two species have physical similarities. But many facts prove crocodiles are not lizards.

Lizards and crocodiles are both big predators. Many species of these animals also exist in the world. Lizards mostly like to live on land, but crocodiles always need water. So, keep on our website to read more interesting things about these two animals and other animals. 


Are crocodiles and lizards the same?

No, crocodiles and lizards are not the same animals. They are both different species. Although they have the same body shape and reptile class, we cannot say they are identical. 

Is a crocodile related to a lizard?

No, crocodiles are not related to lizards. However, they are more related to birds. These species differ from each other. 

What is the biggest kind of lizard?

Komodo Dragons are the largest among all species of lizard. Besides Komodo dragons, there are also some venom lizards. Komodo dragons have enough power to kill a human. 


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