Do Wolves Eat Coyotes? Probably, Yes


Predatory animals and their battle with each other are always fascinating to people. In wildlife, some animal species are born as hunters, and some are hunted. Wolves and coyotes are predatory animals, but can these two species hunt or eat each other? Or “Do wolves eat coyotes?”

Wolves do not eat coyotes regularly but, on some occasions, wolves can hunt and eat coyotes. Particularly when some coyotes try to steal food from the wolves, then during the fight, they can be hunted and eaten by the wolves. Rather than, coyotes are also predators in the wild, and most wild predators avoid to fight each other.

Wolf’s scientific name is Canis lupus, and the coyote is Canis latrans, meaning these two species are related. According to some research, wolves are also ancient ancestors of dogs. Also, these two species are very similar, and wolves are also considered the ancestors of coyotes. 

An animal’s life always gives you some heart-braking facts. They always surprise us. In the animal world, it is a normal fact that species eat each other. Many people around the world know this fact. 

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When Wolves Hunt Coyotes?

Territorial Fight

As a territory animal, wolves never allowed coyotes to enter their territory. In case of try to intrude in wolf territory, coyotes get in the fight against them which leads them to severe conditions including death.

wolf vs coyote

Mostly territory is the first reason for the fight between predators.

Food Thefting

Most of the time, wolves always ignore coyotes. But coyote species are always looking for the opportunity to feed or steal the wolves’ food. When coyotes try to steal wolf food, they attack them and sometimes hunt the coyotes. 

Predatory Nature

Usually, the predatory animals in the wild do not kill the other predatory animals. Not enough nutrients come into their food, and hunting these animals is dangerous. That’s why predatory animals always look for meat that has more nutrients. 

Food Shortage

But, when winter food shortages occur, wolves always struggle. So, in these conditions, if wolves get the chance to eat coyotes’ meat, then they can do it. 


wolf pack

Power always urges living beings to get in different matters. Just like, when wolves are in the pack and encounter a coyote, they attack it to hunt. Coyotes also repeat the same cycle under the same circumstances. How revengeful creatures?

Reproduction Days

Wolves are very social animals and are also considered a symbol of dignity. In days of reproduction, they ensure the safety of their dens to ensure their family’s safety.

Why Wolves Do Not Eat Coyotes, Oftenly?

The wolves often do not kill the coyotes to eat them. But if wolves eat meat, then why they don’t eat coyotes?


Wolves are not the top predators of coyotes, and they do not kill them because they consider them competitors instead of food sources. As trained predators, coyotes can counterattack to kill wolves and no predator wants to get stuck in such a situation.

Food Requirement

Wolves always try to hunt big animals so they don’t face a food shortage for their pack. Usually, they try to hunt deer, moose, or elk. 

Now, some information about coyotes. Coyotes’ main diet comes from small animals such as rats, rabbits, beavers, snakes, and birds.

Can Wolves Kill Coyotes?

Yes, wolves attack and kill the coyotes when they come into their house and try to steal their food. Wolves are large and more dangerous predators than coyotes, and a wolf’s pack attack can kill the coyote. 

Coyotes always try to avoid wolves because they know that wolves are much stronger than them. So, they always try to protect themselves from the wolves. 

Are Wolves And Coyotes Related?

According to some research, the DNS of both species proves wolves are the ancestors of coyotes. Some research showed that dogs are the ancestors of wolves. However, we can distinguish these two species by the results of DNS.


Some things between these two species are different. First, wolves always live in a pack, and ‌coyotes cannot live in a pack. Coyotes are considered loner animals. 

Wolves always travel with two parents and their children but coyotes travel alone and do not contain any pack. Coyotes live with each other only in the breeding season. 

Yellowstone National Park also confirms that coyotes are social animals when humans do not hunt them. They also live in the pack there, as wolves live. 

However, most coyotes like to live alone at the current time. They live alone because they have the threat of being hunted. In fact, when they walk alone, it isn’t easy to see them. 

Other Animals That Hunt And Eat Coyotes

Coyotes are the top American predators, but they have to protect themselves. Coyotes are small animals, which means they have threats from large carnivores. Let’s discuss the few big carnivores that are predators of coyotes. 

Brown Bears:

Brown bears, also called s grizzly bears, are dangerous animals and top predators worldwide. They live all around North America. These bears have a length of 8 ft and weigh 700 lbs. 

So, if 30 to 50 pounds of coyote comes in front of them, then brown bears easily kill the coyote. However, coyotes do not come in the favourite diet of brown bears, but if they get the chance, then they will kill and eat them. 

Mountain Lions:

Mountain lions are also top predators, and they can be 8 ft tall and contains a large weight of 136 pounds. Many animals come in the diet of the mountain lion. In simple words, they will eat anything they find. Unfortunately, if a coyote comes in front of them, they will hunt and eat it. 

American Alligators:

American alligators are large and dangerous predators and spend the most time in the water. While coyotes rarely go into the water, they are very good swimmers. American alligator’s length is about 15 ft, and the weight can be up to 1000 pounds. 

These alligators’ main diet comes from fish, turtles, snakes, and other animals. They will eat anything that comes near the water, which includes coyotes. 



Cougars are the second biggest large in North America and can easily be recognized by their cat-like appearance. These dangerous cats normally hunt deer. The adult cougar’s diet includes elk, mountain goats, and sheep. The younger cougars also contain a similar diet, but it includes coyotes. 


Wolves do eat and hunt coyotes. But coyotes did not eat the favourite food of wolves. They rarely hunt coyotes. They only hunt and eat the coyotes in desperate situations. When the wolves face food shortages, then they can eat the coyotes. Otherwise, they always ignore them.

So, “do wolves eat coyotes”? You have the answer to the question. Coyotes like to live alone, and this thing makes them prey for many other large predators, such as mountain lions, cougars, eagles, and American alligators. 


Can wolves kill and eat coyotes?

Yes, a wolf easily hunts coyotes. When coyotes try to feed wolves food, then wolves don’t like this interference. So, to protect their food, wolves have to kill the coyotes. 

What animals that wolves eat?

Wolves live in a pack, so they need a large amount of food. So, they always hunt big animals like deer, elk, and moose. 

Can coyotes beat wolves?

No, there is no chance that coyotes beat wolves. Coyotes always live alone, and wolves live in a pack. Wolves are large and more dangerous than coyotes. 



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