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Tigers are the largest cat species in the world, and they are very famous for their hunting techniques and abilities. Although tigers are very good hunters, many interesting facts about them make this particular specie very special. Today, we will discuss an interesting fact about them: “Are tigers smart, or how intelligent is a tiger?”

Tigers are the most intelligent specie in their family. A tiger’s brain is 16% bigger than a lion’s. Tigers are intelligent animals because they have the longest short-term memory among all animals. Tigers have larger brain cavities, which means that they are far more intelligent than other species. According to some reports, the tiger’s brain is the largest among all carnivore species. 

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How Smart Are Tigers?

Smartness In The Hunt

Tigers are powerful and large predators who look skillful and competent during hunting. Their hunting is a mixture of different strategies, skills, and intelligence. 

When they go for the hunt, they always use strategies and do not go after their prey like other predators. They always show patience and wait for the opportunity to attack. Sometimes, they mimic the other animal’s voices to get their prey close to them. 

However, they usually lie in the bushes for a long time and do not make any voices. When they get the chance, they surprisingly attack and hunt their prey. 

If a tiger wants to hunt a buffalo from the group, it will not attack them directly because the group can counterattack and beat it. Instead of doing a fool attack, a tiger always uses a strategy to separate the target prey from the group by doing a false attack, and then it captures the target’s neck and kills it. 

Hunting at night also reveals the tiger’s smartness. It uses the night darkness and hunt other animals. Its eyes are highly adaptable to night, which helps a tiger to hunt at night.

Tigers also make a choice before making an attack on their prey. It always chooses such animals to hunt that is not more dangerous for them. Further, it attacks with strategy rather than a fool attack.

Tiger’s Outstanding Ability To Adapt

Adaptability is another thing where the tigers present their superior intelligence. Tigers never do a blind attack; this genus of predator always applies the best method or strategy to kill prey. Tigers are fearless animals, and they use their intelligence and can hunt big animals like buffaloes, boars, crocodiles, and even bears. 

For example, if a tiger wants to hunt a crocodile, they always attack its stomach instead of its neck because the tiger knows that it cannot cut down the crocodile’s neck. 

Tigers In Captivity

Another fact, tigers are usually lonely animals, and they do not hunt in groups as their cousin lions do. Although lions just directly attack their prey, tigers always make a plan to kill the prey. 

Their adapting skills are also expressed by their other behavior, which is tree climbing. Tigers often climb trees while they are not naturally tree climbers and just adapt this behavior against predators to ensure their survival.

Further, when they have children to raise, they less fight with each other on territory issues. Just see, they know what to do and when to do? Are they not the smarter ones? What do you think.

Tigers Have An Excellent Memory

Instead of hunting skills, tigers also have a very phenomenal memory. A tiger’s short-term memory is far better than ours because its memory lasts 30 times better than ours. It means they remember things much more and forget much less than we do. 

Because of this, it’s said that taming a tiger is much easier than taming a lion. According to some research, tigers that live in captivity show friendly behavior toward strangers. Although, tigers always display friendly behavior toward their handlers. By this act to humans, you can estimate the intelligence of tigers that they know who is their prey and who is not. 

When it comes to their enemies, they never forget their enemies and are very revengeful. Once, I read about a tiger who saved itself from a hunter attack. Later, when it saw him, it followed him and attacked when the opportunity occurred. I did not find the resource, now but I will add it as soon as I find it.

Are Tigers Smarter Than Lion?

This a very tough query because comparing the world’s two most intelligent animals is not easy. However, we will get results by comparing both lifestyles and what types of tactics they use to hunt their prey. So, let’s find who is more intelligent.

The University of Miami took an intelligence test by giving the puzzle box containing beef to captivate carnivore animals. The animal’s task was to open the box and eat the beef. So, the result makes the lions winner and indicates that they are far more intelligent than the tigers.

lion and tiger along in captivity

Problem-solving might be the key that proves the lion is a forest king, but according to me, the lion was not the winner. Lions might be intelligent, but tigers are smart. Here is a little assignment for you. Find the difference between intelligence and smartness then you will understand my viewpoint about the tiger’s smartness over the lion’s.

Are Tigers Smarter Than Cats? 

In this query, tigers are far more intelligent than house cats. Tigers are more intelligent because both live in totally different environments, which makes impact on their abilities. 

As we know, tigers live in a wild environment where they face difficult tasks and challenges. So, for survival, they make different strategies. On the other hand, cats live in the house and get everything, including free food. 

Are Tigers Smarter Than Dogs?

Dogs are far smarter than tigers. It is due to their interaction with the environment. They also face different conditions regularly. After analyzing human behaviors, they learn new things regularly.


Are tigers smart? Tigers are intelligent animals, and they have large brains than lions. However, tigers are much more intelligent than many other carnivore animals. Tigers also have better short-term memory than humans but are less smart than lions.

Tigers also have the biggest brain among all cats. Instead of intelligence, tigers are also very skillful and dangerous predators. These big cats are not social animals and live lonely. This article will help to gain a piece of new knowledge about tigers.

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