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Crocodiles are the deadliest and not most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom. Naturally, we can assume that if they get hurt by something, then they feel pain. These huge reptiles live all around Africa, Australia, America, and Asia. 

Although these huge species have very hard skin, and because of this, many people ask this particular query, “Do crocodiles feel pain?” So, let’s discuss how we can get the most admirable answer to this question. 

According to some researchers, crocodiles do feel pain. However, the exact answer to the query is still impossible to tell them to feel the pain. However, their steel-plated bodies protect them from different attacks. But they have a nervous system that allows them to feel the pain.  

So, let’s discuss the relationship of pain with crocodiles and other related facts, such as whether crocodiles feel emotions or if their bodies are bulletproof.

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Do Crocodiles Feel Pain? Deeply Discuss

As we mentioned earlier, some researchers confirm that crocodiles feel pain. Like crocodiles, many other big animals, including mammals and vertebrates, also feel pain. 

They have very thick skin, which looks unbreakable, but it is untrue. If they are hit by something bad or get bitten by predators in case of a fight like a crocodile vs a lion, they will feel pain. Against it; they show less behavior related to pain feeling, such as crying or screaming.

Their thick skin helps them develop a strong-armor body, but they still feel pain. The crocodile’s sensitivity and feeling levels are much stronger than any other big animal. 

This means if someone slightly touches their skin, they will feel it. Crocodiles are descendants of dinosaurs. Almost every living animal in the world feels pain except those disabled for some reason. 

How Do Crocodiles Feel Pain?

Neuroanatomy System of the Crocodile

Neuroanatomy System of the Crocodile

Crocodiles are also famous for having a neuroanatomy or nervous system to feel sensations like pleasure and pain. Crocodiles’ sense of touch is more powerful than any other animal in the whole animal kingdom. That’s all possible due to their neuroanatomy. 

Crocodiles have a very strong sense of touch, meaning they can feel. However, this fact is still a mystery and did not prove by anyone. 

Like other reptile species, the neuroanatomy of crocodiles allows them to feel pain. As we mentioned earlier, they feel pleasure, so we can assume they can also feel pain. 

Pain Receptors

With the nervous system, receptors are also essential to receive messages from our body organs. Due to the presence of nociceptors (pain receptors), crocodiles are conscious to feel pain. This is another discussion, they own less pain receptors.

Can Crocodiles Have High Pain Tolerance?

The simple answer is No; they do not have high pain tolerance. Many misunderstandings about crocodiles spread among humans, and this is one of them. 

When people know they feel pain, they assume they contain thick skin, so they have high pain tolerance. The rumour is fake; as we already mentioned, they are very sensitive animals and don’t contain enough power to tolerate the pain at a huge level. 

Another rumor about Croco’s skin is that they own bulletproof skin, but it’s just a myth. Their skin is undoubtedly strong but not bulletproof.

Do Crocodiles Cry by Pain?

Do Crocodiles Cry by Pain

Yes, crocodiles do cry, but they do not cry due to pain. Because when they shed tears, they do not do it due to pain or sadness. Crocodiles shed tears to lubricate their eyes and keep their eyes safe from drying out. 

An old myth also says that crocodiles shed tears when they consume their prey, but biologically, they shed tears to lubricate their eyes and protect them from Contaminants.

The crocodile tears also refer to the famous line, “Fake tears shed for show only”. This famous line refers to crocodiles because they do not cry due to pain or emotions. 

How Can You Assume if a Crocodile is in Pain?

As we said earlier, they have a nervous system, and we can assume they can feel the pain. However, it’s not easy to think that they are in pain because they do not cry due to pain. So, how can we identify whether they are in pain or not?

How Can You Assume if a Crocodile is in Pain

Physical Changes

A crocodile will be in pain only in one situation when it gets brutally injured or in some illness. If a crocodile is in pain or faces illness, it will hide in some secluded spot. They do it to protect themselves and give themselves time to get healed. 

Crocodiles also show a high level of aggression when they are in pain. If you see some wounds on their body, assume they are in pain. These changes in their behave and physic can tell us that they are in pain.


They are not very active with their vocalizations, but I saw one with an aggressive little roar. It was the day when I visited my nearby National Park. Here, a lion with its pride tries to grab an adult crocodile but in vain. During this try. the crocodile made a sound to warn the lion. The twist is that when the crocodile roars, the lion grabs its leg, and due to its aggressive sound, the lion leaves its leg.

Then, with a fast walk, crocodiles enter the water. So, I assume that we can get know about their condition by focusing on their sounds.

Do Crocodiles Feel The Emotions?

Yes, they do feel emotions. As we mentioned earlier, they feel pleasure, an emotion. Although they contain emotions, most consider them emotionless and dangerous animals.

According to the researcher, they are emotional and loving predators. However, it looks very ugly how crocodiles can be loving and emotional animals, but the research proves this.

Crocodiles always enjoy playing with other crocodiles and other animals if they do not see them as prey. Crocodiles also give a ride to their children on their backs. 

Do Crocodiles have Bulletproof Skin?

Do Crocodiles have Bulletproof Skin

No, crocodiles do not have bulletproof skin. Many people ask this question that crocodiles are bulletproof or not. So, you now know that they are not. But why? Let’s discuss it. 

The crocodile’s thickness is different because their skin becomes thicker when they grow. The largest crocodiles in the world are saltwater crocodiles, and the Lolong crocodile is the largest one in the world that lives in captivity. 

However, it died in 2013. Lolong height was 6.17m, weighing about 1,075kg with 5 inches wide thick skin. But we can’t assume it as a bulletproof body on the basis of these adaptations. 

Crocodiles’ bodies are not bulletproof; however, they can survive after getting a few bullets, but if they are hit just behind the head, they will die. However, hunting them is banned in some countries.

Why Does A Crocodile Feel Pain?

Pain is a feeling that is compulsory things for both humans and animals. Sometimes, pain comes physically and sometimes spiritually. Humans and animals do not know whether they are injured or ill without the pain. 

For example, if crocodiles get injured when they hunt, their prey does a counterattack. And maybe the crocodile can’t feel the pain during the fight. But, by looking at their wounds, they will know they get injured and must heal themselves. Otherwise, they will die.

They hide somewhere to heal wounds because they are starting to feel the pain. Wounded crocodiles always show aggression to keep away the attackers from themselves.

So, pain is a good thing because it indicates the crocodiles when they get injured and have to recover themselves. If the pain does not exist, then crocodiles do not know whether they must heal. 

Animals That Don’t Feel Pain

According to some research, all invertebrates do not feel pain, but various scientific arguments have emerged. Some scientists believe that invertebrates do not feel pain because they do not have backbones. Invertebrates are cold-blooded, and here is a list of some animals that don’t feel pain.

  • Insects
  • Shrimps
  • Jellyfish
  • Sea Sponges
  • Clams
  • Corals
  • Oysters
  • Sea Urchins
  • Sea Squirts
  • Sea Anemones
  • Sea Cucumbers
  • Sea Lilies
  • Man O’ Wars

Final Thoughts:

Crocodiles are the largest semiaquatic reptiles in the animal kingdom and have lived worldwide for millions of years. Some researchers said they were active during the dinosaur era (Mesozoic era). 

Whether they can feel pain is still a mystery because a well-proven research report did not confirm this. 

However, most animals have a central nervous system and feel pain, so we assume that crocodiles also feel pain. Pain is compulsory for every living thing because it alerts the living substance gets injured or ill. 

So, we think all the given information will help you to get the answer to all topic-related questions. To get interesting information about the different animal species, check out our other articles and increase your animal knowledge. 


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