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Birds and lizards; both are not new species of animals. Moreover, birds have a deep relationship with lizards. Shocked, but it’s true. Lizards are reptiles, and birds also evolved from reptiles. It is said that birds are today’s dinosaurs.

Both lizards and birds contribute their habitat to one another and have the same reproductive system. So, they have some similar things. Birds evolved from reptiles. This way, lizards are their ancestor. Besides all this, do birds eat lizards? It is a great question; we will try to answer it in the post.

Yes, many cases happen when birds eat lizards. Even you may see the same phenomenon in your backyard if you give it a little focus. Birds wander here and there in search of food and will try to take advantage of every opportunity they find. So, hunting lizards is not a big issue for them, and they will grab them without hesitation.

Moreover, lizards may be a regular bird food source where both share their habitat. Hawks, owls, shrikes, raptors, crows and road runners are common predators of the lizards.

Birds also eat frogs. To read it, click the hyperlink.

Do Birds Eat Lizards?

Lizards are small in size and easy-to-grab creatures. They have no specific adaptations to counter their predators, like strong claws or fast teeth. This makes them easy prey to their predators as well as to birds.

When lizards come outside and sunbathe in the sunlight, birds see and grab them quickly due to their significant eyesight. Most birds try to attack un-mature lizards, and due to it, most lizards do not reach their majority level.

What Birds Can Eat Lizards?

The birds, bigger than lizards, can try to hunt them. Hawks, eagles, owls, and crows are some birds that mostly hunt them. The habitat or season of weather is also a factor which also determines the attacks of birds on lizards.

1. Owls


Most percentage (69%) owl species are nocturnal. Almost 3% of owl species are diurnal, and 22% are Crepuscular (dusk and dawn nature). All these species of owls attack lizards. They have keen eyesight, silent flight, and great hearing capability, which makes them a great hunter. Further, they have many other techniques, such as hiding them to hunt their prey suddenly. Mostly, they eat insects and small rodents and fish.

2. Hawks


Hawks can eat almost all kinds of prey, which they can grab with their powerful talons. Other than lizards, they can eat snakes, insects, frogs, squirrels, rabbits, mice and many more. They are considered brilliant hunters. It is due to their stunning techniques to grab their hunts.

For example, hawks keep flying in the air and keep finding their prey. Once he got an eye on its prey, he flew over in a circle type and suddenly fell on its prey with the bullet speed to grab it. The red-tailed hawk is the type of hawk that is found in North America. He loves to live in open habitats such as huge fields and deserts. In these places, it is easy to access their prey.

3. Eagles


Eagles have a king-like image among bird species. They also considered a sign of bravery and dignity; many huge country flags possess it. It is due to their amazing techniques and fighting skills. They are the only bird to fly while holding a heavy weight (hunt).

Wikipedia says that the bald eagle is a type of eagle that is seen flying when he keeps a deer fawn in his claws. The weight of this deer fawn was almost 15 lb. It is the highest-ever weight recorded by birds carry when flying.

As eagles are raptor birds and hunt their prey with the help of their knife-like fast claws. Their eyesight is 4x better than humans, and they heavily depend on their vision while grabbing their hunt.

Most eagles hunt normal size animals such as lizards, fish, small birds, rabbits, mice, hares, etc. Their habitats and food opportunities also affect their hunt. They can grab big prey, such as deer, which is impossible for other birds.

4. Chickens


Chickens are domestic birds, and domestic lizards may face them regularly. These birds are omnivores and can eat almost all kinds of foods. Insects and grains are their primary food, but they also can eat other small animals, such as lizards or earthworms. Chickens use their beak to kill or eat these animals. They can eat them whole or after cutting them into pieces. It depends on the size of the animal.

Are Birds Eat Some Specific Type Of Lizards?

Lizards are very common animals and are found both in domestic areas and in the wild area. According to research, nearly 4700 lizard species are found worldwide. They are different in shape, size or color. This makes us unable to find a specific type of species that birds eat more. Anoles, agamas, iguanas, skinks, geckos and whiptails are some kinds of lizards found in the United States. These lizards are smaller, making them easy prey for their predators.

Are Dead Lizards Acceptable To Birds?

Finding a dead carcass is an easy way to access meat for every kind of animal, and it is also a loving thing for wild animals. It is because they find to eat without doing any hassle. Further, they do not put their lives in danger. Due to these reasons, birds also love to see a dead lizard if it is in a good situation. Further, birds are also famous for this behavior and will not waste any opportunity they find.

Are Lizards Have A Fear Of Birds?

This question is not mature. You must know that prey always has a fear of the predator. So, lizards have a fear of birds. Whenever the lizard sees a bird approaching them, he prefers to escape from there and go to a secure place. This reaction of the lizard shows how much lizards are afraid of birds.

One other phenomenon shows that lizards have a fear of birds. Some people hang birds’ wings in their houses to keep lizards away. Most lizards consider it a bird and go away from there.

Do lizards Can Attack On Birds And Eat Them?

Lizards are also omnivores animlas. They can consume both plants and meat. So, big lizards can counter-attack birds and can eat them. Most species of lizards are smaller in size than birds, so this phenomenon rarely happens. Lizards prefer to eat the eggs of birds if they find any opportunity.

Are Lizards Have Other Predators Than Birds?

Lizards are tiny and defenseless creatures. Due to this reason, the number of their predators is many. Lizards always remain in the hassle to make them safer. Such a poor creature. Further, this creature is also in the lower place in the food chain. You can imagine how many predators they have.

Rather than birds, these are some common predators of lizards:

  1. Coyotes
  2. Cats
  3. Other Lizards
  4. Snakes
  5. Mongooses
  6. Raccoons
  7. Foxes

What Techniques Do Lizards Use Againest Predators?

Lizards have a countless number of their predators. So, to protect themselves, they adopt some techniques, which are given below.

1. Color Changing Technique

Color Changing lizard

This is the most common strategy some lizards use. In it, they mix themselves by changing the color of their tail or body according to their surroundings. Moreover, they can make covert their tail color; in this way, they look like a predator.

2. Tail Shedding Technique:

Tail Shedding lizard

If you face any lizard, you will notice that it sheds its tail when you touch him with any stick or other thing. This a trick all lizards use to make their predators fools. They also do it with their predator. This way, the focus of the predator goes to the tail, and the lizard will get to time go away from there.

3. Squirt Blood:

When a predator hunts a lizard, he will make all possible attempts to make himself safe. A horned lizard can squirt blood from his eyes. To consider it his last hope, he throws blood on the face or in the mouth of a predator. Predators feel disturbed by it and leave the lizard to go away.


You are now well-known for the answer to the query. Birds can eat lizards and also affect the population of lizards. Snake is one of the most common predators of lizards.


Who is the biggest predator of lizards?

Snake is considered the biggest predator of lizards. Moreover, birds, wolves, big lizards and coyotes are other predators of lizards.

Do Screech owls eat lizards?

Yes, these owls mainly target semi-open areas to find their prey. So, reptiles are their primary food source. Anoles, swifts, geckos and skinks are some of their favorite lizards.

Can Elf owls is also a predators of lizards?

Elf owl is also small and light type of owl. Their primary food source is insects or other small birds, but as opportunistic predators, they can eat lizards.



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