Do Birds Eat Maggots?


Will you be shocked if I ask that birds can eat maggots? You are not because you are also finding the answer to the question.

A short answer is that birds eat maggots. There is a great controversy on the topic. It is because maggots are not suitable for the health of birds. Before going deep into the topic, I want to tell more about maggots.

What Are Maggots, Actually?

Maggots are an initiative form of a fly’s lifecycle. Sometimes we call it larvae or grub. They are found on different dirty surfaces. There they decompose these materials and feed them as their feed source.


Their issue occurs. Despite this, they look so yummy to birds, and birds love eating them; you must avoid pet birds eating them. The main reason behind this is that birds’ stomachs cannot digest them easily due to the stomach’s lack of acid (which helps to digest them). Below, we will talk more about it. So, carry on.

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Why Should Birds Avoid Eating Maggots?

Eating maggots are common in birds because they like their smell and can fetch it from afar. Moreover, when they see their friends eating larvae, they also get attracted and reach there to eat them.

In this paragraph, we will talk briefly about why birds should avoid eating maggots.

The main reason is that maggots mature in different places with many harmful viruses and bacteria. Due to this reason, the places are dirty where the larvae are found.These bacteria directly affect the health of the bird. Their results may be severe on birds, who may die in that situation.

Some infectious diseases that birds may affect are parasitic infections like tapeworms and salmonella and nutritional deficiencies.

The second and hurting reason is that maggots lay eggs in the bird’s body. In 24 hours, the offspring emerge from the eggs and grow alarmingly. After this, they start to eat the inner body of birds, including flesh and feces. Mostly, they attack the guts of birds and make them infectious with wounds. After a bit of time, these wounds become infected, leading birds to an excruciating death.

So, to keep your birds from this kind of fetal death, you should keep away maggots. For their nutritional requirements, arrange a healthy diet for them.

You may use special seeds like white proso millet, cardinals, Golden millet, red millet, and flax. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are also suitable diets for them.

How To Get Rid, If bird Ate maggots?

After all this, how can you take away your birds from them? Birds like them very well, and they (maggots) are found everywhere around them. They may be near their nests or even downside of their nests. So, sometimes, they may eat them.

What Are These Specific Symptoms That Will Show That Your Birds Eat Maggots?

After eating them, your birds may be affected by diarrhea. This is one of the main symptoms. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, slowness, low energy, weight loss, and lack of appetite.

Is there any scenario occurs if your pet ate maggots, you should follow a simple procedure.

First, you should clean the mouth and beak of the bird with clean clothes. This scenario may be terrible for someone whose beloved bird ate maggots.

After cleaning it, you should go to the avian doctor immediately. If your pet ate more than five grubs, its guts might face blockage, and surgery will be necessary. So, getting in touch with an avian doctor is necessary.

Some Healthy Foods For Birds: Alternatives Of Maggots

Now, we know that maggots are not a healthy diet for birds. So, these are some alternative healthier diets for birds.

Black-oil Sunflower Seeds

Black-oil Sunflower Seeds

These Sunflower Seeds are known as a favorite food for birds. In numbers, we can put it at number one. They provide more energy than other diets. In addition, small birds may consume it quickly.


Quinoa is a seed rich in proteins, minerals, and fibers. These seeds are one of their favorite diets. They love to eat them, and these seeds are a complete diet for them.


Fruits are healthier for birds as well as they are healthier for humans. You should feed fruits to your pet birds. With fruits, you should offer them to eat some seeds or pits found in fruits.


Remain conscious about which fruits you are offering to birds should be fresh. Don’t use rotten fruits because they may be toxic for them.



Peanuts are great food for birds and are also rich in many nutrients. You can give it to birds after roasting. Raw peanuts are also a good idea, but peanuts in flavor or salt should be avoided.



Oats porridge is also one of their favorite diets. You can feed it to birds for some time. This will make them happy with its yummy taste.

Cracked Corn

Cracked corn is a great diet. We give it to birds as a treatment also. They are also protein and fiber-rich.


Maggots are not suitable to eat for birds. They are larvae of flies. Their primary source of food is decaying material.

A considerable part of the community thought that these larvae were protein-rich. True, but they are rich in protein and fiber and contain many infectious viruses.

There is another question: why do we use maggots in the medical field if they are so lethal? We will talk briefly about this topic, but in the short answer, they are not a good food source for birds.


Are maggots harmful to birds?

Yes, maggots are very harmful to birds. They are as much lethal because they give eggs, and their offspring come out in just 24 hours. In no time, they multiply and become fatal for pets.

What is the process of killing maggots?

When Ivermectin comes into contact with maggots, it kills them, but for this, it needs to go deep. You can use tweezers to get them out of your pet’s body.

Are maggots easily digestible for birds?

Maggots are not digestible for birds. It is because their stomach is not much acidic to digest them.

What is the lifespan of maggots?

The life span of a maggot is about six days. After these six days, they start turning into adult flies.

Is there any natural remedy to kill maggots?

If you locate maggots anywhere, you can quickly get rid of them with the help of lime, salt, and vinegar. For this, wrap the surface with lime or vinegar. This will destroy them quickly.


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