Do Lions Eat Pandas? Yes but Lions Are Restricted!


Wildlife is full of fascinating encounters and amuses us in various ways. As this outstanding life enthusiast, I am involved in it and love to explore fantastic scenarios. Going through such events, I stuck to the query, “Do lions eat pandas?”

I think a moment about it and start my research to explore whether lions eat these cute bears or not.

In a quick reply, I explore the fact that lions do not eat pandas. Pandas and lions are creatures of different habitats that decrease their chances of facing each other. Even though lions are not native to China, how can they approach pandas to eat them? Further, there is no case occurs about a fight between a panda and lions in captivity.

Despite this, hypothetically, if they come face to face, lions have the strength to kill these gentle giants.

Below, we will explore more facts about the topic.

Geographical Difference | Restriction

Lions mainly live in forests and savannahs of Africa and Asia, while pandas are inhibitors of mountain areas in China.

Even lions present in zoos in China are brought from the West region of India. So, their chances of encounters are zero, which means they cannot kill and eat them.

Body Adaptations

In contrast, pandas are from a bear familyThey have strong claws and sharp and pointed teeth. Their skin is also thick and works as strong armor in case of any attack. 

These cute creatures remain calm in the wild but show aggression if provoked. With these adaptations, these creatures are challenging prey for lions.

To Defend Themselves

Lions are indeed apex predators, but they still avoid to be involved in such fights where they can get any harm.

To survive in the wild, they need to prevent wounds, even a single scratch, because it can lead to fatal diseases that can cause their death.

With the body adaptations of a bear, a panda can give tough time to a lion.


This cute bear family member has a strong jaw with high-grabbing power. His paws are also sharp, and his massive height and body weight also give him a furious look (just in case it gets aggressive, just as I saw in the King Fu 4 trailer).

Further, pandas were giant monters in the past time and rather than evolving in such vulnerable phase, they still have instincts of a monster lurking inside them anywhere.

This was why lions couldn’t eat them, but what would happen if they came before each other?

Who Will Win A Fight Between Panda And Lion?

I tried hard to find such an encounter, but I did not find any record. Due to this, we will create a hypothetical fight that will allow you to enjoy a charming natural scenario.

So, hold on; you will get a fascinating tour of a fantastic battle between a monster and a gentle giant.

Size And Weight:

These adaptations matter a lot when we conclude the decision of any fight.

A giant panda can grow between 4 to 6 feet, weighing 80 to 120 KG.


Against it, an adult lion is less than 2 to 3 feet tall on all four legs. These apex predators possess the most weight against these gentle giants, which is a positive point for them in a fight.

Height is a positive aspect for pandas, while lions possess more weight.


Pandas have carnivore teeth; you listen, right? Despite this, they eat bamboo as their primary food, but they always take every chance to get protein through meat. They eat small creatures like termites and can kill other animals as well.


Like lions, they also have canine teeth with a biting power of more than 2603.4 newtons. Lions also possess a biting force of 650 PSI, sufficient to cut a throat. These giants are also known as “iron-eating giants” because they have been found multiple times doing this.

That’s also why they can give the lion a severe wound.

Pandas have carnivorous teeth, but they do not train them to eat meat. 


Claws are the next weapon that is used in a fight. Lions possess four claws on their hind legs and five on their front legs. The size of these claws can vary between 30 to 38 cm, and they are also sharp.


Pandas also have sharp claws that help them grip branches of trees. Their grip is so firm that it is required for pandas in an environment where rain can start anytime, and branches can get slippery.

In a fight between a lion and a panda, a panda can use them to avoid the lion and to manage an appropriate distance.

Claws do not matter too much to lions in case of this fight because lions always attack their throats to tear them with their canines. 

Overall Dominance

The lion dominates due to its mentality and regular fighting behavior, while the panda is lazy. Despite this, it has the power to give a tough time to a lion; a lion can easily dominate a panda.

Well, this is a different matter if a panda knows Kung FU and do exercise regularly.


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