From Opening Jars to Solving Complex Tasks: 5 Videos Showing the Surprising Problem-Solving Abilities of Octopuses


Ever wonder how smart octopuses are? These eight-armed sea creatures are smarter than you think. From opening jars with ease to tackling tricky tasks, they continue to blow our minds. Check out the videos below to see just how smart these marine geniuses are!

1. Opening Jars

Source: BBC Earth/Youtube

This genius octopus is showing a high level of intelligence. Watch as this one opens not just one, but many, jars. The video also reveals that octopuses do not just have intelligence in their heads – they have it throughout their arms as well.

2. Octopus vs Underwater Maze

Source: Mark Rober/Youtube

Youtuber Mark Rober made a huge nine-part maze for his pet octopus, Shashimi. Throughout the video, Shashimi continues to blow Mark’s and the viewers’ minds.

3. Twist Top Bottle

Source: Octolab TV/Youtube

This experiment took an unexpected twist when the octopus decided to rip a twist-top bottle open rather than twist it off! This not only shows the intelligence of the creature but also shows their strength.

4. Escape Room Challenge

Source: Octolab TV/Youtube

Octopuses are known as nature’s escape artists – and this one is no different. This four-part escape room challenge was easily beaten by the octopus.

5. Rubik’s Cube

Source: visitSEALIFE/Youtube

Bev, the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham’s Giant Pacific Octopus, has shown an amazing new skill. She completed a difficult Rubik’s cube in just 5.24 seconds.

Octopuses might live in the ocean, but they’re not just your average sea creatures. The videos above reveal a whole new side: they’re geniuses of the underwater world.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 31 December 2023. Image Credit :Vikks/Shutterstock.

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