Girl Gave Puppy Scrunched Under Car A Burger & Fries But She Couldn’t Eat

The heartwarming story of a young abandoned pup has captured the hearts of many. Ellie, a six-month-old Golden Retriever mix, was discovered hiding under Abigail’s car, weak and terrified. With love and care, the frightened and sickly puppy transformed into a playful and loving companion.


When Abigail first found Ellie, she was in terrible shape. The poor animal was so weak that she couldn’t even move on her own. Fearing the worst, Abigail rushed her to the vet, thinking she might have parvo, a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus. Fortunately, the vet determined that the puppy had been eating garbage, causing horrific gastrointestinal symptoms. With proper care and nutrition, she would recover in a few weeks.

For the first couple of days, Ellie was unresponsive and scared. However, as she began to realize that Abigail and her family meant no harm, she slowly started to come out of her shell. The turning point came when Abigail introduced her to a tennis ball. The sight of the ball seemed to awaken Ellie’s spirit, and from that moment on, she began to improve rapidly.


As the weeks went by, Ellie blossomed into a spunky, funny, and energetic dog. Abigail made sure to help her feel comfortable and safe in her new environment. Ellie quickly grew to love car rides and adventures with her new mom.

To celebrate Ellie’s recovery, Abigail decided to take her to the beach for the first time. The pup was overjoyed, digging in the sand and running around with an infectious case of the “zoomies.” As she stared out into the ocean, it was clear that Ellie had come a long way from the puppy found under Abigail’s car.


Ellie’s transformation from a frightened, abandoned animal to a happy, healthy, and loving companion is a reminder of the incredible resilience of animals and the difference that a little compassion can make in their lives.

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