Great Dane ‘Pours Her Love’ Onto Foster Brother Terrified Of Being Alone

When Jordann and her family agreed to foster a Great Dane named Tofu, they were warned that he was an escape artist. What they didn’t know was that Tofu was also suffering from severe separation anxiety and desperately wanted to be by their side at all times. The family soon discovered Tofu’s incredible determination to be close to them, even climbing onto kitchen counters just to be near. When Tofu first arrived at his foster home, he was shockingly underweight. He should have weighed between 110 and 115 pounds. His ribs and spine were visible, and he was extremely shy and nervous. The woman who had surrendered Tofu to the shelter mentioned that he was partially blind and deaf, with limited vision in his left eye.


Despite his initial shyness, Tofu eventually warmed up to Jordann’s other Great Dane, Zoot, and the two quickly became inseparable. Whenever Tofu would cry due to his separation anxiety, Zoot would lie down next to him and rest her head on him, providing much-needed comfort.


Jordann began feeding Tofu three cups of food three times a day, along with plenty of treats, to help him gain weight. Within a month and a half, Tofu started to fill out and look healthier. He also grew more confident as he spent more time with his foster family, becoming a loving and affectionate snuggler who would often try to sit in Jordann’s lap despite his size.

Tofu’s charming personality and sweet nature quickly won over everyone who met him, and many people encouraged Jordann to adopt him permanently. However, with four dogs already in the household, adding another would make it difficult for the family to continue fostering other dogs in need.


Fortunately, Tofu found his forever home with a loving family who decided to rename him Yeti due to his all-white, frosty appearance. He is already thriving in his new environment, and Jordann is thrilled to see him so happy.

By opening their hearts and homes to these animals, foster families play a crucial role in helping them find the loving, permanent homes they deserve. Please consider fostering a shelter dog today! Scroll down and play the video below to meet Tofu and see his transformation.

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