Neglected Pit Bull Persuades Girl To Adopt Her, But Dad Doesn’t Want A Dog

Rosie, an incredibly loving and grateful dog, entered Maddy’s life in an extraordinary way. The dog’s journey to finding her forever home was far from easy, but her transformation and the love she now receives is nothing short of remarkable. Rosie’s story began when she was living with a roommate of one of Maddy’s friends. Sadly, the dog was being kept in a crate for days at a time, receiving no attention or love. Maddy, concerned for Rosie’s well-being, urged her friend to tell the dog’s owner to either change his ways or find Rosie a new home.


Determined to rescue Rosie, Maddy made it clear that she would not leave the dog in such a dire situation and would even call the police if necessary. When she arrived to pick up Rosie, the owner was not even in the house, having left town and leaving the poor dog in her crate with no food or water.

Upon being released from her crate, Rosie managed to wag her tail and muster up some kisses for Maddy. Her sickly body may have been too weak to show fear, but it was clear that Rosie was in desperate need of care and love. Maddy initially planned to find Rosie a new home with someone who would properly care for her, but fate had other plans.


Rosie’s love for food became evident as she would bark at Maddy to remind her to feed her if she got distracted. As a broke grad student, Maddy initially thought she wouldn’t be able to afford to keep Rosie, but the dog’s loving nature quickly won her over. While watching TV one day, Rosie sat with her paw on Maddy’s leg, staring at her, and Maddy realized that the dog was trying to worm her way into her heart and life.

Rosie’s desire for love and companionship was so strong that she would always want to be near Maddy, giving and receiving affection. It’s heartbreaking to think that people with negative stigmas towards certain breeds would never give a dog like Rosie the chance to show them just how loving and amazing they can be.


Despite her initial reluctance to keep Rosie, Maddy found that the dog fit in perfectly with her family, even winning over her dad, who was unsure about Rosie, or any dog for that matter. Rosie’s love for her new family was evident, and it became clear that she was exactly where she was meant to be.

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